s爆乳私人玩物 极品福利


College Leaders


Wan Zongxi, Secretary of the Party committee

Division of work: preside over the overall work of the college Party committee. In charge of organization, ideology, ideological and political education, cadres, discipline inspection, confidentiality, trade union, comprehensive management, service to Qingdao, etc. Contact the party and government office.


President Sui kunyan

Division of work: preside over the overall administrative work of the hospital. In charge of personnel, finance, development planning, discipline construction, degree, post doctoral mobile station, assets and laboratory, international exchange and cooperation, income generation, etc. Contact six research institutes and departments of polymer materials and engineering.



Cao Jun, deputy secretary of the Party committee

Division of work: in charge of students, the Communist Youth League, propaganda, united front, alumni and other aspects of work. Contact Student Affairs Office and Youth League Committee.



Vice President Li Hongliang

Division of work: in charge of scientific research Postgraduate training Work. Contact the Department of composite and engineering.



Vice president Huang Linjun

Division of work: in charge of undergraduate teaching. Contact teaching and Research Office, Department of inorganic nonmetallic materials.



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