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Research Institute of biomedical materials and engineering launched "laboratory safety month" series activities

In order to further ensure the laboratory safety, prevent and contain the occurrence of safety accidents, the Institute of biomedical materials and engineering of our hospital held a series of activities of "laboratory safety month" in November 2021. This series of activities is divided into three parts.

First, according to the requirements of fire protection, the laboratory environment and fire-fighting facilities have been upgraded, and the project has been successfully completed. After the reconstruction, the escape channel of the laboratory was widened; Increase the number of escape doors; Equipped with fire blanket, medical box, escape mask and other fire-fighting and safety equipment to further ensure the safe operation of the laboratory.

Second, in order to enhance the safety awareness of the teachers and students of the Research Institute on hazardous chemicals and improve their self-help and prevention ability, the Institute held a knowledge publicity on "standardized use and management of hazardous chemicals" on November 22, 2021. Taking several safety accidents of hazardous chemicals in recent years as an example, the conference emphasized the safety importance of hazardous chemicals in the daily experiment process to teachers and students, and introduced the relevant rules and regulations and management methods for the use of hazardous chemicals by the state and schools. At the same time, starting from the safety problems that may be encountered in the experiment process, this paper illustrates the importance of daily experimental operation specification and safe operation of large-scale instruments, hoping that students can carry out experiments safely. After the meeting, the graduate students reclassified the existing hazardous chemicals in the laboratory, strictly classified the waste storage, and checked other potential safety hazards one by one.

This meeting is a necessary supplement to the safety education meeting for freshmen in September every year. At the same time, the institute establishes safety learning files for each graduate student and undergraduate preparing to enter the laboratory, stipulates the learning scope and length of students in the laboratory safety education platform of Qingdao University, and establishes the system of passing the customs with excellent examination results.

Third, in order to effectively improve the fire safety awareness of teachers and students and promote the in-depth development of laboratory safety publicity, on November 24, 2021, under the unified dispatching of the security office, all teachers and students of the Research Institute carried out fire emergency evacuation drill.

The fire in the laboratory building of the drill Simulation Research Institute was on fire. When the fire was found by the personnel on duty in the fire control room, the alarm was sounded immediately and the fire emergency evacuation plan was started. According to the division of labor, members of the command group, the fire fighting group, the evacuation group and the rescue group cut off the non fire power supply orderly, evacuate the teachers and students in the building, and count the number of people.

The relevant personnel of the Security Office introduced the types of fire, mainly explained and demonstrated the use method of fire extinguisher, and the teachers and students on the scene one by one carried out the actual operation. In view of some problems existing in the use, the security office personnel also carried out detailed guidance.

Through the drill, teachers and students have mastered the handling methods of emergency accidents and the correct methods of rapid escape, self rescue and mutual rescue, which enhanced the safety awareness of the laboratory, and also tested the response ability of multi departments to deal with emergencies. In the future, such safety publicity and investigation activities will be held periodically and continuously to enhance the attention of teachers and students to laboratory safety, Enhance the safety awareness, strengthen the laboratory safety management, ensure the personal safety of teachers and students and the harmony and stability of the campus. (Zhang Min)


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