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Inspection notice

According to the unified deployment of the University Party committee, the school Party committee The inspection leading group will carry out the inspection work on the secondary party organizations of our school first Patrol the school. This round On campus inspection one Inspection teams, at June 2021 month one six Solstice July 16 Japan vs The Party committee of the College of materials science and engineering, the school of automation and the College of textile and clothing etc. three Party organizations in Secondary Colleges routine Patrol Special inspection on Ideology

This round The inspection work focuses on strengthening the party's overall leadership and overall strict governance of the party, closely follows the functions and responsibilities of the inspection objects, and highlights the problem orientation, Key supervision The implementation of the four principles, Around the objects of inspection, we should carry out supervision on the implementation of the responsibility of decision-making and deployment, overall leadership and party management of the Central Committee, provincial Party committee and school Party committee, deepen political inspection and find out political deviation. Inspection work We should combine it with the purification of the political ecology, insist In combination with the rectification of problems strongly reflected by the masses, insist Combined with solving outstanding problems found in daily supervision To promote the comprehensive and strict management of the party to extend to the grassroots level, to develop in depth, to promote reform by patrol, to promote construction, to create a clean and healthy political ecology and a good education environment, to combine the strict party management in an all-round way with the promotion of career development, and turn the inspection results into a powerful driving force for moral cultivation and high-quality development of the school cause, To provide a strong organizational guarantee for the construction of comprehensive research universities.

During the inspection period, The inspection group accepted and reflected the leading group and members of the inspected party organization The main points of the letter and visit are the implementation of political discipline and political rules, the implementation of clean discipline, organizational discipline, mass discipline, work discipline, life discipline, etc. The inspection group has set up a complaint box E-mail And reporting telephone number Teachers and students are welcome to reflect on the situation and problems in a practical and realistic way.

Location of complaint box: Jingsi building, east campus, Fushan Campus East Gate of Building 2

mail box:

Report hotline: eighty-five million nine hundred and fifty-eight thousand and eighty-one

Time of acceptance: morning of working day 8: 30-12:00, 14:30-17:30 p.m

It is hereby announced.


Inspection group of the Party committee of Qingdao University

two hundred and two one year six month sixteen day


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